Friday, February 27, 2009

MH"M part 2

Now that I think about is, that last post was sort of lame. I guess what I really think is that pretty much all religious leaders fall into the "asshole" category.

I guess what I want to convey is how my relationship to the Rebbe has evolved. First he was my unerring and all-knowing savior. Then he was just a good man and a really smart guy. Now he's just one of the myriad liars and swindlers that religion breeds, who helped spread an immoral and false philosophy that should have been extinguished by the enlightenment.

This post is sort of lame too. I need sleep.


  1. Yeah, it's lame.
    The best way to figure out if your post is reasonable is to change your target group. For example:
    "I guess what I really think is that pretty much all blacks fall into the 'asshole' category".
    See what I mean?

  2. So you've met Garnel. Lucky you.
    Good blog.

  3. Thanks OTD! I think I know what you mean, but I'll try to be polite to Mr. Ironheart as long as I can.


    I don't think you can claim any equivalence between a racial group (blacks) and an occupation (religious leaders). Just because I think its okay to say "Murderers should be jailed" does not mean that I think its okay to say "Read heads should be jailed".

  4. But by saying all religious leaders are "assholes" you're generalizing in a way that cannot be justified. Have you met every religious leader out there? Or even most of them? Based on your negative experiences with a few, you're condemning the rest. I don't think any thinking person would consider that sound reasoning.

  5. I actually didn't discuss my reasoning in the post. In short: I think it's "bad" to indoctrinate children, and this is what religious leaders generally promote, therefore I consider them to be assholes. There may be exceptions, but they are negligible.

    There are many other reasons to despise religious leaders too, but I won't elaborate here.

  6. I'd disagree pretty strongly with your characterization, although you may be correct about the specific example.

    The religious readers in question believe that they have the Truth and that they are doing what is best for the children and the world as a whole. That makes them terribly misguided. That doesn't make them assholes.