Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's official! The Republicans are anti-science. First McCain mocked the Adler Planetarium ("3 million dollar overhead projector"), Palin mocked fruit-fly research (one of the most fruitful areas of biological research in the last 100 years, "I kid you not"), and now this from the "new face" of the Republican party:

"Something called volcano monitoring","Magnetic levitation." He is clearly trying to make science sound silly and stupid, as were McCain and Palin. Well, volcano monitoring is important, and magnetic levitation is a real technology (which uses superconductors to allow for more efficient locomotion). I don't know if they should be included in the stimulus package, but Jindal reveals his disrespect for science by mockingly dismissing them.

It seems the GOP is quite happy to be the party of the dark-ages.

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