Sunday, March 29, 2009


I saw this linked to on onionsoupmix. It's an article written by a religious YU student about his struggle with homosexuality. It's really sad and touching.

This is one of the worst evils that religion brings. This poor soul has been convinced that it's against the will of the magical sky father for him to love who he wants to love. And if he ever succumbs to his sexual desires he'll presumably feel guilty about betraying his faith.

Life is too short to waste on struggling to fulfill the whims of an imaginary being. It's hard enough to find love as it is, nobody should have to feel guilty about it.


  1. Male to male anal sex is responsible for the AIDS epidemic which has left 25 million dead so far. But I guess atheists don't care about death, just sex.

  2. Just heartbreaking. There's too much suffering in the world to add to it with made up bullshit about how homosexuality is evil. Some men like women and some like men. What's the big frickin' deal?

  3. and some men like to touch litle boys. who decides whats ok.

  4. JA, I agree 100%.

    Fakewood, I hope you did not mean what it sounds like you meant. It is offensive to compare homosexuality to pedophilia. There is no one being harmed in a consensual sexual relationship between two adults.

  5. So you would agree that having sex with and loving animals is ok though? Who are you hurting?

  6. There is a difference between homosexuality and bestiality, in that the animal can not give consent. Although I don't see how fucking an animal is worse than eating it.

    Anyway, its not all about sex. It's probably offensive to a gay person to compare their relationships (which are no less loving than heterosexual relationships) to bestiality.

  7. Homosexuality only carries negative stigma today because of Judeo-Christianity. It bothers me to even use the terms "hetero" and "homo", because it automatically places connotations and biases (why is heterosexual sex "straight"?)

    If you think about it, the Hellenists all had homosexual relations, and there was nothing wrong with it. Caesar, Alexander the Great, the Spartans: they all fucked men. Of course, I was taught in yeshiva that Hellenism was evil, and they were always the villains in the Channukah story. But if you think about it, who had the art, who had the culture, who had the science? The Yehudim were a bunch of renegade rebels who just happened to win the war.

    Religion loves to decide what is right and wrong and then force it on people. They gain your trust, they gain your money, and then they have you in their grasp. People, like my family, go through years without questioning any of it, they raise their kids in the same fashion, and the cycle repeats. Have you ever read the Kitzur Shulchan Arach? Thousand upon thousands of inane little rules, designed to control your life and make you subservient to all the rabbanim. It's not even about God anymore; 95% of Judaism comes from Rabbanic derived traditions. I'm so sick of it. Ha'Ezer Siman 20 Sif 2 forbids lesbianism. And who wrote that? A man, Noda Beyehuda. Why should he restrict what two women what want to with each other? What right of it is his?

    Even consensual hetero sex has limits: niddah, biah shelo k'darkah, etc. It's all lies, it's all pure mind control.