Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No more shabbos goy?

I just read an article in Newsweek which contained this lovely story:
In recent years the [Israeli city of Acre] had become a rare oasis of calm in the Holy Land, where Arabs and Jews lived relatively peacefully in close quarters. But all that changed last October, when a local Arab man drove his car into a predominantly Jewish neighborhood on Yom Kippur. Tradition forbids driving on the Day of Atonement, and a mob of angry Jews chased the man down, pelting him with stones and shouting "Death to the Arabs!"
I've heard of radical religious Jews throwing stones at Jews who drive on shabbos before; do non-Jews have to be shomer shabbos now?


  1. they guys was blasting music outside a shul and was asked several times to lower the music and leave. we all know police in israel is a joke and people take the law in there own hands regularly. so dont bring this as proof of why religion is wrong because this has nothing to do with judaism but the situation in the middle east.

  2. I wasn't offering this as proof that religion is wrong. But since you brought it up, do you really think that those Jews would have done the same thing if they had been secular?

  3. meet some secular israelis and piss the off see what happens.

  4. I live in Israel and there is more to that story than what that article posted.

    he was driving wildly through the streets and they did try to get him out of there nicely. they did try to escort him out, but they did not attack him.

    of course, the palestinians quickly started a rumor that the jews killed him and went on a wild rampage through the city. they broke windows, cars, and attacked people on the street. this went on for a few days before the police got control of the situation.

  5. Yeah, I hadn't heard of the story before I read about it in Newsweek. It made it sound like they threw stones because he was driving on yom kippur.