Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are you there God? It's me, Mendy.

If God is omnipotent, then surely he can decide to make himself no longer exist, right? Maybe one day He decided that He doesn't want to exist anymore, but He'll allow the world to keep on existing in his absence. No more commandments, no more life-after-death, just this life in this world with no God. If God is omnipotent can't he do this?

How do we know God has not already disappeared?

In Hilchos Yesodai HaTorah, the Rambam writes (first chapter) "All things in creation are dependant upon the Creator for their continued existence..." So apparently God is not powerful enough to be able to make the world exist without Him existing. So much for omnipotence.

On a related note:


  1. I would worry more about when you're going to disappear.

  2. dont bother talking to him he is just stam sitra achrah from the shlosha klipos a temeos.

  3. Chas Veshulem! A yiddishe neshomoh is from atzmus umehus!

  4. you know the story of the y"h that comes dressed up in a kapote that JP. snags what can you do.

  5. lol great one, I hadn't thought of this.

  6. You should check out the rest of Edward current's video's, especially the one about an atheist meeting god.

  7. nice vid.

    But about your blog post...does God have the power to make himself disappear? This is an adaption of Aristotle's question, can god create a stone he cannot lift.

    It's a great question and I don't buy the religious folk's (and some atheist folks) attempts to say it is not a valid question.