Thursday, March 19, 2009


I guess I missed this Gallup poll a few weeks back. It seems that only 39% of Americans believe in evolution, which is less than I would have guessed. I know that frum people and evangelicals are generally creationists, but I thought that the average American Christian was a little more enlightened. Apparently I was wrong.

Although, I guess the poll can also be interpreted as, "Only 25% of Americans don't believe in evolution," which sounds much better.


  1. 40% of all Americans are bastards.

  2. It's amazing that most people are not totally demented like some of our "scientists" are.

  3. Apikores, I think he means it's amazing that most people don't believe in evolution (i.e. demented) like scientists are.

    Anyway, I wouldn't read too much into JP's comments.

  4. There was also a recent study in Great Britain.

    The situation there is very different. The majority of people in Great Britain accept evolution.